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Ensuring that everyone makes the most of their talent

Meet Karsten Haas

Head of Business Unit Pain

During my 25 years at Grünenthal, I have worked in very different functions, both in headquarters and in various affiliates, which gave me the opportunity to gather a great wealth of experience. This has helped me to expand my view of individual tasks and to get a good feeling about what is crucial about daily business to achieve our goals.

My position as International Versatis® Lead was certainly a special highlight for me because it fell into a period in which this product became an important and very strong sales contributor for the Grünenthal Group. Looking back, Versatis® took a positive sales turn which no one would have anticipated. I am very proud of that.

As International Palexia® Lead, I focused on adding emotional strategies and branding enhancement to the already well-established scientific part of Palexia®. This has been shown to have a positive impact on the development of Palexia® in the markets – meanwhile more than six million patients worldwide have benefited from the treatment with Palexia®.

“As a manager, it is important for me to be clear, transparent, demanding and at the same time open, fair and motivating.”

Karsten Haas

Head of Business Unit Pain

In my current position as Head of the Business Unit Pain in the German division, I am responsible for marketing and sales and interact with market access, medical affairs and other functions. The knowledge I gained from my previous positions at Grünenthal helps me to view and evaluate facts from different perspectives and to interlink activities from all areas effectively. My current position is an absolute highlight for me, since we have been very successful in convincing physicians of the unique benefits when using Palexia®. The basis for success in this case is the very tight collaboration and mutual understanding between marketing and sales, paired with a pronounced “can do mentality” and self-confidence to make things work with the ultimate goal to provide patients a better life with less pain

What drives me is the challenge to form a powerful, successful team from a variety of individuals with different strengths. I want to get the most out of people and ensure that everyone makes the most of their talents. I set ambitious goals and I do everything in my power to achieve them.

It is very important for me to not only develop strategies, but also to implement them consistently. At the same time I try to stay flexible enough to implement and test innovative business ideas supporting those strategies. I strive for efficiency and perfection and try to convey my passion for success.