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Identification and interaction

We’re passionate about improving patients’ quality of lives long term, and this single objective informs everything we do, everyday. This level of focus and commitment demands a certain type of person with a specific mindset and approach that’s crucial to our business success. Be!Grünenthal is the term we use to describe our culture and helps us to express how we do things to new team members and others.

A distinct culture is central to the wellbeing of any organisation. Be!Grünenthal has been vital in engaging new employees with our business and guiding our daily work.  

The way we act makes a huge difference in reaching our business goals. As part of our work in defining Be!Grünenthal, we have identified four mindsets that describe how we act.

Our mindsets

These mindsets help to guide our everyday work and to add value long-term.  

Innovative + Clever

There is an enormous amount of knowledge, competence and ideas at our company. Being both innovative in finding new solutions and clever to bring them to market and finally our patients is what we aim at here at Grünenthal.  

Honest + Courageous

Being open-minded and self-critical enough to make clear-cut decisions are among the most important qualities of successful entrepreneurs. We have to be honest with ourselves and have the courage to be honest toward others. This includes the need to challenge approaches or decisions and take new directions courageously without being afraid of making mistakes.  

Caring + Inspiring

When everyone feels responsible for the company’s success, we can achieve great things together. This means growing with each new challenge. An atmosphere of respect, fairness and trust is necessary to get things moving – as are mutual inspiration and a friendly working climate.  

Results Driven + Value Adding

Whatever we’re doing, we’re always focused on the end result. Experience tells us that to add value, we must stay focused on the big picture, be prepared to step out of our comfort zone and work effectively together.  

Through living the mindsets, we create value for each individual and for the company overall.